Yoga poses for men beginners that help in relieving stress

Yoga seems helpful in many ways as it has been in practice for centuries and has proven to be the most effective way of maintaining fitness. It was the women who were more interested in yoga and benefited by it, but these days, yoga is gaining popularity among the guys too and have awakened to the fact that yoga has more efficacy compared to the other gym based work outs. The yoga poses which had been in practice only in the India, has now also been popularized in the west.

Yoga benefits for men

It has also largely helped in building up a healthy and disease free life and there are different yoga poses that are primarily beneficial or the men. They are the ones that enhance the muscles and tone the rest of the body. Apart from providing these benefits, these yoga poses for men have also proven to be the building blocks in the organic functioning of the body. There are also men who along with yoga perform the other exercises and have found yoga to be better than the modern exercises. This is mainly due to the fact that the yoga poses are designed according to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the human body.

Yoga results in the well grooming of the muscles and also provides the necessary power. Though slow in producing results, they enable a natural flow and arrangement of the muscles and a natural muscle build. Yoga unlike the other conventional exercises is not strenuous to the human physiology and it also suits the men who are injured. Mental and physical health can also be corrected by the regular practice of yoga. There are however many important things to keep in mind before you learn the different poses for men. To arrive at the right results, you must also wear the right kind of yoga clothes for men.

Yoga tips for beginners

  • Learn to breathe well. This provides a relaxing sense to the whole of the body. The initial practice sessions include simple moves like catch stretch and seated forward bend.
  • Get the proper yoga mats necessary for the sessions. You can get them at any of the store selling sports goods. These yoga mats are manufactured in a way that provides additional grip while doing some complicated yoga postures.
  • Yoga poses can also be included with the other basic exercises so that there is an increased flexibility and also reduces the normal injury time. The range of motions is also increased to a great extent and these may help you out in different sports.
  • Yoga for beginners requires thirty minutes a day at the least. This may bring about the differences and hence motivate you to further increase the dedicated time.
  • Also buy the right kind of yoga clothes for men as it adds to your comfort while practicing yoga.
  • Yoga, unlike the other contemporary exercises can be done anywhere and any time. All you need is just a mat. This is handy to the occupied men who do not find enough time to practice yoga regularly.
  • For a beginner it is always better to join a yoga class and learn about the yoga poses for men or the asanas for men.

Best yoga poses for men

The cobra pose

This is one of the best asanas for men where the whole of your upper body for the stretching cobra pose. When this is done regularly, it greatly benefits the biceps and the chest muscles. There is a complete elongation of the spine when you are in the cobra pose. Lie down with facing the ground and hands to the ground below the chest and legs tightly held together. Lift your chest with the help of your back instead of using your arm muscles. As you keep practicing, there is an increased flexibility and you will be able to raise your hip from the floor from the original position. It must be gently performed and the pose must be held for 20 seconds. Breathe deeply and slowly and then return to the relaxed position.

The Triangle pose

Stand with your legs spread as wide as you can. The arms must also be stretched out parallel to the ground. Turn your right foot 45 degrees away from the body and leave the left foot in the usual forward position. Slowly down the leg and the shin, run your right arm with the upper body following. Lift the left arm upward simultaneously and feel the lateral back muscles stretch as you move your arms. Do it gently and do not force yourself beyond your flexibility. Breathe deeply and hold the position for ten seconds. Wear the right yoga clothes for men so that there is no discomfort in the position.

The Bow pose

This is largely beneficial for the men who are suffering from diabetes. This is one of the asanas for men which helps in strengthening the muscles of the back and the thigh and also for the benefit of the kidneys. The heart and lungs are toned and is also good for the proper digestion. It must however be avoided by the men who are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, peptic cancer, hernia and colitis. Lie down facing the ground with hands on the sides and forehead on the ground. Bend your knees backward towards your buttocks. Reach your hands and grasp your ankles and inhale. You must have the weight felt on your stomach. Breathe evenly through your nose and after a few moments release the ankles and relax.

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