Essential six pack abs workout for men

Obtaining a male six pack abs is the dream of every youngster and the ones who already possess it flaunt it in a way that creates envy in the minds of others. It is considered the epitome of fitness by many who sweat it out at the gym for long hours. It requires a hell of a lot of effort after a firm determination in the mind before you become mindful about six pack abs. There are a lot of exercises that foster the male six packs abs with most of them focusing upon the abdominal area.

Six pack abs workout

Workout is the best way that expresses how to get six pack abs. The first thing that must be kept in mind about obtaining male six pack abs is that the workout must be very regular and must be done at the right time. Some of the exercises that have been made popular in the six pack abs workout regimen are as follows.

The Traditional Crunch

The starting position of this six pack abs workout is to lie on the ground flat with face upward. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground close to each other. Position your hands gently behind the head and lay your entire focus on the contraction of the abdominal muscles before lifting your shoulders. Curl the shoulders up and forward till you your upper back is lifted off the floor. The abdominal muscles must be flexed hard when you lift your shoulders. Maintain the contracted position for about two or three seconds and then let go and relax before returning to the start position.

The Butterfly Crunch

The starting position is same as the traditional crunch but the only difference being the knees must be relaxed out to your sides. You reach the final position when your heels are firmly together throughout the movement. Perform the traditional crunch in this position. When you are comfortable with the position you can increase your level of difficulty by moving the feet closer to the gluteus muscle.

Hanging Knee Raises

This is done by grabbing onto a pull up bar and remember to keep the body straight. The next step is to lift your knees upto the chest and then put them back. This is quite difficult as it requires avoiding your body from swinging. This is one of the effective six pack abs workout for the lower abdominal muscles.

The Russian Twist

Grasp a medicine ball or a dumbbell or any other heavy plate and be seated on the floor with the hips and knees bent at 45 degrees. The heavy object you have in your hand must be held out in front with your back kept straight. Twist your torso rapidly to your left and as far as you can. Reverse the motion to your right and repeat them for about eight to twelve times.


A person, who knows well about how to get six pack abs with the six pack abs workout, will never forget to perform the squats. It is that part of the male six pack abs workout regimen which provides strength to the muscles of the thigh, hip and the buttocks. The standing position is the beginning of the squat training. Weights are used and with the weight in the hand the movement involves the bending of the knees and hips and lowering the torso and then returning to the previous standing position.

Swiss Ball Crunches

Another of the male six pack abs workout that provides great results is the Swiss ball crunches where the crunches are done with the help of a ball. They target both the upper and lower parts of the abdomen. The benefit of using the Swiss ball for the crunches is that there is no strain in the neck unlike the ordinary crunches.

Bicycle exercise

Lie down of the floor flat with the lower back pressed to the floor. Slightly hold your head with your hands at the sides and bring the knees upto an angle of 45 degree. Slowly perform the bicycle pedal motion. Be sure to touch your right elbow to your left knee and then your left elbow to the right knee. Do not forget to breathe thoroughly.

Abdominal exercise equipment for male six pack abs workout

Though there are easy exercises for those who are concerned about six pack abs, there is also certain abdominal exercise equipment that makes things easier and faster. But before using the equipment it is necessary that a few sit ups are done for warming up. This also reduces the strain in the back muscles while you use the exercise equipment.

Integrated workout machines for the whole body

Many of the early workout machines are used for toning the muscles like biceps, triceps, quadriceps and also the abdominal muscles. But the equipment that is used today is more advanced and is designed to focus on a specific part of the body and also with different difficulty settings. The disadvantages of these machines are that they are extremely bulky and occupy more room and are expensive too. Tension balanced abdominal equipment have entered the market which are less heavy and do not occupy much space. They were used for performing the sit ups and heavily targeted the abdominal muscles.

In the midst of the many exercise machines which gave much of strain to the back and neck there was a new machine called the abdominal rollers which reduced the strain caused during the six pack abs workout. They were also advantageous over the others as they were light weighted and were also foldable.

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