Obesity in men - A Subject of Great Concern

Definition of male obesity

Male obesity is the condition of the human body where the weight is much more than required and it can be determined by calculating the man's body mass index. The body mass index is the statistical measurement that deals with the comparison of a person's height with the weight. While both the males and females are subject to obesity, the obesity in men is much on the rise comparatively, thus posing a great risk to the health and also leading to infertility. This alarming rise of the obesity in men is not restricted to any particular age group but to the ones belonging to all the age groups. The obesity in men is often neglected as they have many commitments and responsibilities towards personal and professional life. There are many causes of obesity that have to be carefully dealt with to avoid the serious effects of obesity and this can be done by the various obesity treatment methods available. Some of the common causes of obesity are the genetic factors, over consumption of fatty foods and reduced use ofenergy due to a stationary lifestyle.

Symptoms of Male Obesity

There are certain signs and symptoms by which one can identify male obesity without approaching the doc. Some of them are,

Inability of controlling one's weight

The first symptom of obesity in men is that there is an excess weight gained. This, after a certain period of time goes to an uncontrollable level, when it is noticed that there is more than ten pounds that are gained within a month's time.

Disproportion of one's body

One of the primary symptoms is that the different features of the body are seemingly disproportionate to each other. This is mostly prominent in the features of the face as there is excess of fat on the cheeks and chin.

Accumulation of fat on the breast and waist

There is excess of fat that is accumulated on the chest area thus making the breasts look bigger and obese. This adiposity is also seen in the areas around the waist.

Difficulty in breathing

There is short of breath due to the inability to breathe in and out comfortably. This is due to the accretion of the fat in the chest area and this may further lead to conditions like asthma.

Abdominal Obesity

Commonly called Belly fat, this condition is more prevalent among the men and forms the main reason for the cardiovascular diseases. The abdominal obesity is caused due the visceral fat or the intra-abdominal fat which is located inside the peritoneal cavity between the internal organs and the torso. Some of the fat is located in the fatty tissue and some just beneath the skin. The visceral fat is said to be the reason for the obesity relates heart diseases, high blood pressure and raised blood sugar levels. The metabolic products of the visceral fat are released into the blood and eventually get accumulated in the liver and the other vital organs. This disturbs the regulation of insulin and thus increasing the blood sugar levels and cholesterol problems.

Another study says that fat cells play a complex role in the dysfunction of the parts of the human body as there is an excess amount of protein that is synthesized that lads to the abnormalities in the metabolic functions and other heart diseases. The abdominal obesity can be easily identified using the amount of fat that is gathered around the tummy. If the absolute circumference of the waist of the man is more than 102 cm and the waist-hip ratio is more than 0.9, then he is said to be obese.

Common Effects of Obesity in men

Obesity is the door to many harmful diseases and a premature death. The effects of obesity are as follows.

Risk of cardiovascular diseases

Obese men are subject to cardiovascular troubles like heart attack, angina and congestive heart failure. The risk of a high blood pressure is twice higher in obese men in comparison to the ones who are healthy. There is a high in the levels of triglycerides and a deceased HDL cholesterol level.

Type 2 diabetes

Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand and when a person is eleven to eighteen pounds heavier the risk of being subject to type 2 diabetes is doubled.


The cancer is likely to affect the parts like the colon, gall bladder, prostrate and kidney when a person is obese. Liver cancer is also equally possible due to the inflammation caused.

Obesity treatment

There are various obesity treatment methods when you consult a doctor, but there are also some of the self obesity treatment methods which when followed reduces the health risks due to obesity and also cut those extra pounds off.

  • Set a goal for reducing your weight and start determining for yourself to follow the procedures. But be sure you set smaller goals that you can easily achieve.
  • Obese men must stop eating the junk foods as they are one of the primary causes of obesity and contain fatty substances. And also remember to eat only when you are hungry and then gradually decrease the amount of food intake.
  • Exercise is a must after you have set out to reduce your weight and fight obesity. Exercise revives the proper functioning of the body and therefore helps in reducing the weight.
  • Another obesity treatment method is to form a proper diet plan as it is good nutrition that keeps you in good shape and in good health. Take in food that is devoid of fat content and that has much of fiber content so that you do not add extra calories.

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