Healthy Diet and Nutrition Advice for Men on the Run

There are important differences in men's and women's needs in nutrition for optimal health. Take, for instance, the fact that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men. There's a significant reason to pay attention to prostate health, and one of the best known preventive measures is taken by supplementing diets for men with saw palmetto along with selenium. Similarly we have a lot of foods that can specifically help males. So here is some nutrition advice for men.

Dairy Products and Animal Protein

According to common nutrition advice for men, males generally get plenty of protein because of the amount of red meat they consume. But diets for men can be made even more balanced by having red meats only one or two times a week and instead having things like chicken, turkey, fish, and beans as protein sources. In such healthy diet for men, you can significantly cut down on your cholesterol and fat consumption. And don't forget that dairy products are also a good source of protein. By consuming sufficient dairy foods, men can make sure they are getting an adequate supply of nutrients to ensure their overall health.

Protein rich foods are also wealthy sources of zinc and iron nutrition for men. The foods that are protein rich include tofu, yogurt, and milk. They assist you put up and uphold mass of muscles. Proteins have the uppermost thermic levels of all kinds of foodstuffs, which imply that you will be able to burn extra calories by digesting protein instead of any fibrous or starchy carbohydrates. Foods rich in protein include fish, chicken, cheese low in fat, meat, plain yoghurt, legumes, tofu or beans. A lot of foodstuffs that are fine protein sources contain high levels of fat too; therefore you have to know about the right ones for your body. Fish are rich in protein; in particular, we have swordfish, salmon, tuna and various other oily varieties. Having these as part of daily diet for men can give healthy fats which reduce heart disease relevant risks. It also works against rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

Fruits and Vegetables

Something that you will find in almost all nutrition advice for men is fruits and vegetables. However, it is also one of the most overlooked components in achieving balanced diets for men. If you happen to be a person who doesn't get sufficient vegetables and fruits in your diet, sit down and create a list of all the vegetables and fruits you like eating. After that when you go for shopping, you can purchase them rather than junk stuffs. There are more chances that you will eat them if you keep them ready. Also, you can slowly start adding them to all your meals, replacing unhealthy foods like chips and fried stuff. Moreover, when you replace junk food with vegetables and fruits, you have swapped empty calories for healthy foods that have a lot of beneficial minerals and vitamins.

Eating at least five every day servings of vegetables and fruits every day is effective nutrition for men to protect against quite a few cancer types. You must pick two raw or cooked fruits or veggies for every meal and a vegetable or fruit with every snack. Fruit juices are more often than not elevated with calories and have fewer nutrients compared to whole fruit. Whole grain foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, and peas are excellent fiber sources and can decrease the possibility of cancer and heart disease.

Whole Grains

Apart from vegetables, fruits and proteins, nutrition for men can also include four to six whole grains servings each day. These can arrive in the shape of hot cereals such as oatmeal or cold cereals like Shredded Wheat or Raisin Bran. For sandwiches, you can use whole grain breads, and for the burgers, you can go for whole wheat buns whenever you like. Whole grains offer better nutritional value and fiber than white breads. Restrict your alcohol and coffee intake as they offer no dietary value. When you have snacks, eat nuts, fruits, and raw vegetables instead of junk foods such as chips. This is how you can make sure every calorie packs nutritional value and that you are getting near the ideal balanced diets for men.


Minerals and vitamins in small quantities are necessary elements of nutrition for men and are vital for your general wellbeing and health. Phosphorus, Calcium, sodium and iron are only a small number of the numerous necessary minerals and vitamins required for your optimal nutrition and health. Precursor hormone Vitamin D serves for the preservation of standard levels of phosphorus and calcium in blood. In spite of the name, this not a real vitamin, however it is best known as conditional vitamin, since the skin can produce it in certain conditions.

Vitamin C is an efficient antioxidant that guards genetic materials and proteins from damage caused by the free radicals. B12 is frequently lacking in vegetarian diets for men too. To uphold excellent nutrition, you have to take in this essential vitamin in food. Minerals, Vitamins and a lot of foods can play a key role in upholding eye care. There appears to be a straight link between eye health and nutrition.

On the contrary to usual nutrition advice for men, fatty foods are not an awful thing all the time. Veggies cooked in olive oil can in fact lessen your chances of arthritis. Fat acts like a cushion for the internal organs, and insulates the body, conserves body warmth and sustains temperature of the body, so moderate levels of fat in your food is not bad at all.

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