A Handy Guide to Treating Hypertension in Men

There is no dearth of men in our age that suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). Of these men, around one third is in point of fact ignorant that they have this silent assassin. Hypertension can be both hazardous on its own and also pave the way to other serious health issues like stroke, heart attacks and heart disease.

Causes of high blood pressure in men

Firstly you must know that we have two different kinds of hypertension that can affect males. The names for these are secondary and essential hypertension. Secondary hypertension affects just a minor fraction of hypertension patients and is caused by the irregular operation of a bodily organ. Essential hypertension, on the other hand, can be caused by a wide range of factors as mentioned below.


Obesity brings in the requirement for extra quantities of insulin to be formed and sent all through the body. This insulin causes side effects on the body's circulatory system like augmentation of blood volume and blood vessel thickening. The more the blood volume, the higher the blood required to be pumped via the system. Ultimately this causes a lofty increase in blood pressure.

It may be in the Genes

Even though the genes for high blood pressure are yet to be discovered, it is still assumed that a lot of people who experience hypertension inherit a bigger risk from their heredity.

Excessive Salt intake

Consuming more than 5.8 grams of salt per day can considerably add to your odds of hypertension. It is recommended that men intake salt not more than 3.8 grams per day.

Rigid Arteries

Inflexible arteries are also a common reason for hypertension. Hard arteries make it tougher for blood to go through the body, causing the blood pressure to rise. Hard arteries are usually caused by various reasons like genetics, age, obesity etc.

Symptoms of hypertension in men

Hypertension is a widespread condition affecting a large fraction of men. Even though symptoms of hypertension in men can usually be placid or even absent in a lot of instances, there are a few physical signs that are time and again pinpointing to hypertension in men. So let's have a glance at some of the most widespread signs of hypertension in men.


Nausea usually shows up in men with hypertension. When the blood pressure is high, particularly for extended periods, various internal physical systems get inclined to be over stimulated or irritated. Hypertension may cause disturbance in regular digestive procedures, which usually turns into nausea.


The blood vessels in the head and facial region, which are usually the vessels that cause agonizing, pulsating headaches, are very responsive to blood pressure oscillations and can very easily cause moderate to extreme headaches when blood pressure levels are raised drastically. However, headaches linked to blood pressure usually drop as soon as blood pressure goes back to normal.

Hazy Vision

Even though Hazy Vision is a less frequent symptom than nausea, it can be a symptom of hypertension in some men. While very rare, blurred vision usually shows up in men with precariously elevated blood pressure levels. As hypertension affects the whole body, vision centers and the optic nerve may face a negative effect due to high blood pressure.

Light Headedness and Dizziness

A sense of instability, or light headedness can be symptoms of elevated blood pressure in males. Light headedness more often than not presents itself as a sense of being wobbly on one's feet, in contrast to dizziness that makes a person feel as if the room is turning. Both types of signs usually are due to effects of high BP on perceptive areas in the body's limbic and neurological systems, two important regions that control coordination and poise. Another symptom of high BP is dizziness which occurs more in those whose elevated BP levels oscillate rapidly.

High blood pressure treatment

Most doctors would think about some type of treatment for patients whose diastolic pressure is above 95 and/or whose systolic pressure is above 160. For those with pressures right below these figures (140-160/90-95), the physician will consider age and other personal factors before advising any remedial treatment.

Hypertension treatment without drugs

In some mild cases of hypertension, there are ways to get to acceptable blood pressure levels without using any drugs. You can give up smoking and cut down on alcohol. It is better to lose weight if you're obese as overweight folks are more prone to develop hypertension. Have a healthy diet with sufficient calcium and stay away from salty foodstuffs. Get into regular fitness workouts and manage your stress levels.

High blood pressure treatment with drugs

If making changes in your daily routine doesn't help in bringing down blood pressure adequately, the physician will initiate drug therapy. Even today, the prescription of beta-blockers and diuretics is the most preferred treatment option used for blood pressure patients without any complications, like heart disease.

Diuretics enhance the removal of salt and water via urine, thus lessening blood pressure. Beta-blockers lower blood pressure by dropping the amount of blood pumped by the heart. If you find this ineffective, you can use other kinds of medications.

Other Medications

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors lower blood pressure by jamming the production of a hormone known as angiotensin, which boosts blood pressure. Calcium-channel blockers relax blood-vessel walls, thus lowering pressure. Vasodilators calm down the peripheral arteries' muscles, which helps them to dilate and thus decrease the resistance to blood flow.

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