Back pain in men - One of the Most Common Health Issues

Back pain is a rising phenomenon especially in men due to the changing lifestyle and most of them are not quite sure of the consequences that a drawn out back pain issue may bring about. One needs to thoroughly know about the causes, risks and symptoms of back pain are and learn the back pain management methods. Back pain that lasts from a few days to a few weeks is termed as acute or short term back pain. In most cases, back pain occurs as a result of arthritis that may be caused due to the stress in the spine and tissues by an injury,

It is quite surprising that about 30-40% of the absence from the workplace is due to back pain and the lower back pain is the most common of them all as it accounts for two thirds of all the back pain related cases as a result of which many back pain products are introduced. There are also studies that explain that most of the back pain is caused by the improper lifting of heavy objects. There are two kinds of back pain in men, the upper back pain and lower back pain.

Upper back pain in men

The upper back pain is caused either due to the trauma of a sudden injury or poorly maintained posture overtime. This is mainly prevalent among those who work with computers for long hours. The major causes are the muscular irritation and joint dysfunction. Some of the ways to cure back pain of this type are by exercise and passive physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation. There is a number of stretching and strengthening exercises that are involved in most of the rehabilitation programs as the upper back pain is largely associated with the muscles in the shoulder area. Some of the postures of yoga for back pain may also provide relief.

Lower back pain or lumbar back pain in men

The acute lower back pain is defined as the pain that is mostly persistent in lower part of the spine also called the lumbar region and lasts for upto three months.

Causes of lower back pain in men

The main causes of lower back pain in men are the improper working pattern, stress, obesity wrong sitting and sleeping postures. Some other causes of lower back pain in men are the muscular strain, improper diet, arthritis, mental tension and lack of exercise. When there is extra strain to the ligaments and tendons of the lumbar region, there is a development of microscopic tears of different degrees in the tissues. One needs to rest their back against something so that there is no possibility of reiterated injuries. There are also many back pain products available for the soothing of back pain

The next one of the causes of lower back pain in men is the nerve irritation. The nerves of the lumbar region are irritated due to the mechanical encroachment along the path that includes the roots of the spinal cord and the surface of the skin. Some of the conditions related are the radiculopathy or the lumbar disc disease, inflammation of the nerves due to a viral infection and bony encroachment.

Presence of kidney problems is also another cause of lower back pain in men. Kidney infections and kidney stones in addition to the bleeding of the kidneys are also sometimes responsible for the lower back pain. The tumors that are present in the bone of the spine or pelvis also make another reason for back pain.

Abdominal Aortic Aneyurism, a condition that occurs when the blood vessel that carries blood to the pelvis weakens and swells. When this is condition reaches it peaks it can cause catastrophic consequences. Men are more likely to get affected by the abdominal aortic aneyurism more than women and it is needed to be checked before the situation worsens. They are common in men due to the hypertension and heart disease.

Prevention of back pain

The ones with the either upper or lower back pain must gain knowledge on back pain management as it is the best way to cure back pain. Instead of going for the different back pain products, it is better to improve the way of living.

Right sitting posture

A wrong posture always aggravates back pain and you need to know the right posture while sitting and sleeping. While sitting on a chair, keep your feet flat on the ground and always have a stiff contact with the chair you are seated and your back. If you are using computers for your work, make sure that the monitor is placed at your eye level so that it makes it easier to maintain the right posture. Do not be nailed to a certain position for a long time, but keep changing the positions you sit and also stretch your muscles for every half and hour.

Right kind of workouts

The stress caused at the regions of the spinal cord is due to the muscular imbalances that take place throughout the whole body. This is due to the inconsistency of your workouts and the kind of workouts you are involved in. Bench press, crunches and bent-over rows when not done in the appropriate manner, leads to the rounding at the shoulder area and the spinal cord is exposed to too much pressure thus resulting in the back pain. This can be prevented by splitting the sessions of your workout that are balanced. It is better to work out on the chest and arms on a day and arms on another and legs on the next. Performing yoga for back pain also helps to cure back pain.

Right sleeping posture

The posture you sleep also contributes to the health of your back. Always sleep with a straight posture with the arms and legs stretched. The mattress on which you sleep also holds the key. If the mattress on which you have the daily night's sleep is stiff it is high time you get it changed into a medium firm mattress they are better in relieving you of the back pain.

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