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   Fatty deposits that appear as yellowish patches, or plaques, under the skin, often appearing in or near the eyelids.


Skin is an organ of the integumentary system; which is composed of a layer of tissues that protect underlying muscles and organs. Skin is used for insulation, vitamin D production, sensation, and excretion (through sweat).


Fairly common on the eyelids, xanthomas -yellow, soft and slightly raised non-contagious bumps made of cholesterol deposits- are a sign of elevated cholesterol levels.


X chromosome
One of the two sex chromosomes, the other being the Y chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, and males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.

In Arabic, the term usually translated as male homosexual, but applied only to men who partially impersonate women in clothing, manner, and life-style, and in their sexuoerotic role with other men.

X-linked recessive
In genetics, a defect that is carried on the X chromosome, and that can express itself only if both X chromosomes in an individual carry the defect (in females) or if the X chromosome carrying the defect is paired with a Y chromosome (in males). These defects are much more commonly expressed in males than in females.

XO syndrome
See Turner's syndrome.

XXY syndrome
See Klinefelter's syndrome.


Dryness of the skin.

Electromagnetic radiations that, because of their penetrating power, are used to record on film shadows of the varying densities within a part of the body.

A sweetener found in plants and used as a substitute for sugar; it is called a nutritive sweetener because it provides calories, just like sugar.

Xiamen doctors
All doctors near Xiamen, China. Doctors who can assist a patient in Xiamen.

Xian doctors
All doctors near Xian, China. Doctors who can assist a patient in Xian.

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