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  Weight loss clinic

Weight loss clinic

    A clinic specialized in weight loss treatment.


Weight loss pill
A medical pill curbing appetite to produce weight loss.



White blood cells
Cells which help fight infections; also called leukocytes.

White matter
Nerve tissue that is paler in color than gray matter because it contains nerve fibers with large amounts of insulating material (myelin). The white matter does not contain nerve cells. In the brain, the white matter lies within the gray layer of the cerebral cortex.

Wisdom teeth
Third (last) molars that usually erupt at age 18-25 (when "wisdom is attained") .

Wegener's granulomatosis
Vasculitic condition in which granulomata are also found. Affects nasal mucosa/sinuses and may produce lung infiltrates and renal lesions.

Weight loss clinic

West Nile virus
A species of flavivirus, one of the Japanese encephalitis virus group (encephalitis viruses, Japanese), which produces encephalitis experimentally when inoculated into some rodents, chicks, birds, or monkeys. In humans, it is seen most frequently in Africa, Asia, and Europe presenting as a silent infection or undifferentiated fever (West Nile fever). It is transmitted by culex spp mosquitoes.

Whooping cough
A respiratory infection caused by Bordetella Pertussis and characterized by paroxysmal coughing ending in a prolonged crowing intake of breath.

Women's health
The specific set of health matters pertaining to women.

Watchful waiting
Close monitoring of prostate cancer by a physician instead of immediate treatment. Also called expectant management.

Watermelon stomach
Parallel red sores in the stomach that look like the stripes on a watermelon. Frequently seen with cirrhosis.

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