Warrnambool District Base Hospital
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  Warrnambool District Base Hospital

Warrnambool District Base Hospital

   The Warrnambool District Base Hospital is a hospital in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.


A chemical compound that either donates hydroxide ions or absorbs hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. Bases and acids are referred to as opposites because the effect of an acid is to increase the hydronium ion concentration in water, whereas bases reduce this concentration. Arrhenius bases are water-soluble and always have a pH greater than 7 in solution.

Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Warren Dental Arts Hospital
The Warren Dental Arts Hospital is a hospital in Warren, Pennsylvania, United States.

Warren doctors
All doctors near Warren, the United States of America. Doctors who can assist a patient in Warren.

Warren General Hospital
Warren General Hospital is a hospital in Warren, Pennsylvania (USA).

Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center
Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center is a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland (USA).

Warren Hospital
Warren Hospital is a hospital in Phillipsburg, New Jersey (USA).

Warren Memorial Hospital
Warren Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Front Royal, Virginia (USA).

Warren State Hospital
The Warren State Hospital is a hospital in North Warren, Pennsylvania, United States.

Warrengate Private Hospital
The Warrengate Private Hospital is a hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

Warrington doctors
All doctors near Warrington, Great Britain. Doctors who can assist a patient in Warrington.


Wyong Hospital
The Wyong Hospital is a hospital in Kanwal, New South Wales, Australia.

Wollongong Hospital
The Wollongong Hospital is a hospital in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.

Westmead Hospital
The Westmead Hospital is a hospital in Westmead, New South Wales, Australia.

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital
The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is a hospital in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Werribee Mercy Hospital
The Werribee Mercy Hospital is a hospital in Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

Warrnambool District Base Hospital

Wimmera Base Hospital
The Wimmera Base Hospital is a hospital in Horsham, Victoria, Australia.

Wesley Hospital
The Wesley Hospital is a hospital in Auchenflower, Queensland, Australia.

Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum
The Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum is a hospital in Queensland, Australia.

Women's and Children's Health Service Incorporating
The Women's and Children's Health Service Incorporating is a hospital in Western Australia, Australia.

Woden Hospital
The Woden Hospital is a hospital in Woden, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

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