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   The accuracy of the relationship between two or more variables.


Valiasr Hospital
The Valiasr Hospital is a hospital in Tehran, Iran.

Validation of data
Procedure carried out to ensure that the data contained in the final clinical trial report match original observations.

Validebag Ogretmenler Hastanesi
The Validebag Ogretmenler Hastanesi is a hospital in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey.

The Valieasr is a hospital in Qom, Iran.

Valisone is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): betamethasone valerate.

An anti-siezure/sedative member of the benzodiazopene family of drugs. This drug is the first choice in rapid siezure termination.


The historical practice of inducing immunity against smallpox by "scratching" the skin with the purulency from smallpox skin pustules. The first inoculation for smallpox is said to have been done in China about 1022 B.C.

The presence of virus in the bloodstream.

The complete virus particle that is structurally intact and infectious.

A lightweight and highly water-absorbent micaceous mineral that is sometimes used as a substitute for asbestos.

Validation of data
Procedure carried out to ensure that the data contained in the final clinical trial report match original observations.


Variance (statistics)
A measure of the amount by which a value differs from the mean.

The custom of refraining from using, or at least from ingesting, anything derived from animals.

Vital force (bioenergy, cosmic energy, cosmic energy force, cosmic force, cosmic life energy, cosmic
An alleged nonmaterial "force" that sustains life.

Removing the gel from the center of the eyeball because it has blood and scar tissue in it that blocks sight. An eye surgeon replaces the clouded gel with a clear fluid.

Vitreous Humor
The clear jelly (gel) that fills the center of the eye.

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