Vacuum aspiration
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  Vacuum aspiration

Vacuum aspiration

    Procedure in which a suction tube attached to a vacuum pump is inserted through the vagina into the uterus to loosen and remove its contents.


The tube that forms the passage between the cervix/uterus and the vulva. It receives the penis during sexual intercourse and serves as the delivery passage for birth and for menstrual flow.

The uterus is a hollow, pear-shaped organ located in a woman's lower abdomen, between the bladder and the rectum, that sheds its lining each month during menstruation and in which a fertilized egg (ovum) becomes implanted and the fetus develops.


Vacuum extraction
Procedure used to ease delivery by applying a metal or plastic cup to the baby's scalp and using suction to pull the baby gradually out of the vagina.


Vision therapy
Vision Therapy is a term that refers to a mixture of so-called "therapies" that employ eye movement tasks, eye-hand coordination tasks, 3D tasks, etc., which purportedly improve everything from golf games to dyslexia to reading problems in children and adults. The vast majority of these claims are unsubstantiated. Vision therapy is usually not covered by insurance. Warning: before signing-up for Vision therapy, ask the provided to support his or her claims with scientific evidence that has been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Be skeptical of therapies that seem to good to be true - Caveat emptor.

The transparent, solid, gelatinous material which fills the interior of the eye behind the lens. It allows the eye to maintain its shape.

Originally referred to immunization against smallpox with the less virulent cowpox (vaccinia) virus; more loosely used for any immunization against a pathogen.

Venal paraphilia
One of a group of paraphilias characterized by triumph wrested developmentally from sexuoerotic tragedy by means of a strategy that incorporates sinful lust into the lovemap on the condition that it be traded, bartered, or purchased and paid for, not freely exchanged, since it irrevocably defiles saintly love.

Vacuum aspiration

Vacuum extraction
Procedure used to ease delivery by applying a metal or plastic cup to the baby's scalp and using suction to pull the baby gradually out of the vagina.

Vaginal hysterectomy
Procedure in which the uterus is removed through the vaginal opening.

Irritation, redness, or swelling of the vaginal tissues, usually resulting from a bacterial infection.

An operation to cut the vagus nerve. This causes the stomach to make less acid.

Vagus nerve
The nerve in the stomach that controls the making of stomach acid.

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