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    Characterized by strong motion-directionally sensitive neurons with large receptive fields organized into columns. Some neurons respond to the whole rather than the component motion of moving plaid patterns. Implicated in the analysis of movement, and stereoscopic depth. Receives input from layer 4B in V1 and thick stripes in V2. Projects to Medial Superior Temporal Area (MST).


A psychology term for processes used to gain understanding of complex emotional or behavioral issues.

Anatomical term meaning on the inside (as opposed to lateral). Not to be confused with median (nerve) that is compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome.

The anatomical term for "above". i.e. the head is superior to the shoulder. Typically used in humans only. See Cranial/Caudal/Inferior.

Having to do with the side of the head.



Viewer centered coordinate system
The projection of an objects shape on the retina depends on the vantage point of the viewer.

Visual angle
A measurement of the area of the retina in degrees subtended by a stimulus. Roughly speaking the width of one's thumb at arm's length is approximately 2 degrees.

Visual phosphene
The visual perception resulting from non-photopic stimulation such as electrical stimulation of the cortex or pressing on the eyeball. Brinkdley & Lewin 1968) and Bak et al (1990) have shown that stimulation of the cortex produces visual pherceptions.

Vitreomacular traction syndrome
A traction-induced visual deficit in which partial posterior vitreous detachment is present in combination with persistent macular adherence.

Seems to be involved in visually tracking moving target. Projects along with Middle Temporal Area (MT) to the dorsolateral pontine nuclei in the brain stem.


A wart.

Rough; wart-like.

Thick, coagulated; sticky or gummy.

Stereotyped and seemingly meaningless repetition of words or sentences.

Visual hallucination
A hallucination involving sight, which may consist of formed images, such as of people, or of unformed images, such as flashes of light. Visual hallucinations should be distinguished from illusions, which are misperceptions of real external stimuli.

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