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    Affecting only one side.



Undescended testicles
When one or both of the testes don't descend into the scrotum. Many times the condition corrects itself; other cases need to be surgically corrected so as not to lead to infertility or testicular cancer.

Universal birth number
An identification number assigned to a newborn by a state's office of vital statistics. Includes the date of birth, the area code of the birth site, and a registration number.

Having a local defect or excavation of the epithelium of an organ or tissue through the basement membrane.

Marked by depressed spots resembling the umbilicus.

The scar marking the site of entry of the umbilical cord into the fetus. It is inconspicuous in most domestic species.



That part of the mind or mental functioning of which the content is only rarely subject to awareness. It is a repository for data that have never been conscious (primary repression) or that may have been conscious and are later repressed (secondary repression).

A mental mechanism consisting of behavior that symbolically atones for, makes amends for, or reverses previous thoughts, feelings, or actions.

One of the paraphilias, characterized by marked distress over, or acting on, sexual urges that involve urine.

In erotic/sexual usage ultraertia is an excess of either intensity or multiplicity of responsiveness or arousal at the proceptive phase. It may or may not continue into the acceptive phase. It is experienced subjectively as strength, urgency, or incessancy of desire or drive. Manifested as girl-watching, it is an obligatory component of the macho stereotype.

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