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   Having to do with the nails.



Plastic surgery to construct an artificial urinary canal or urethra in a penis so as to correct a birth defect or an injury.

Urinary fistula
An abnormally located opening of the urinary passageway, as when the two edges of a surgical repair fail to join along their full length.

Urethral stricture
Contraction or closure of the urethra, as when scar tissue contracts following urethral surgery.

Pertaining to both the urinary and genital structures; genitourinary.

Urogenital sinus
In embryology, an elongated sac or funnel that precedes the differentiation of the external genitalia. In some types of hermaphroditism its differentiation fails to reach completion so that it constitutes a birth defect of the external genital orifice(s).


The buildup in the blood of substances normally eliminated in the urine.

A narrow tube that transfers urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Urinary bladder
The organ that serves as a temporary storage place for urine. Also called the bladder.

The fleshy mass hanging down from the soft palate above the back of the tongue.

Urodynamic assessments
Tests of urine flow and pressure, carried out to establish bladder function.

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