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    A mental mechanism consisting of behavior that symbolically atones for, makes amends for, or reverses previous thoughts, feelings, or actions.


The arrangement or association of the elements or parts of anything in relation to the effect they generate; the combination of mental processes by which an effect is generated.

Those affective states which can be experienced and have arousing and motivational properties.



Marked by depressed spots resembling the umbilicus.

The scar marking the site of entry of the umbilical cord into the fetus. It is inconspicuous in most domestic species.

Affecting only one side.


That part of the mind or mental functioning of which the content is only rarely subject to awareness. It is a repository for data that have never been conscious (primary repression) or that may have been conscious and are later repressed (secondary repression).


One of the paraphilias, characterized by marked distress over, or acting on, sexual urges that involve urine.

In erotic/sexual usage ultraertia is an excess of either intensity or multiplicity of responsiveness or arousal at the proceptive phase. It may or may not continue into the acceptive phase. It is experienced subjectively as strength, urgency, or incessancy of desire or drive. Manifested as girl-watching, it is an obligatory component of the macho stereotype.

As applied to sexual dimorphism of the genitalia, brain, or behavior, differentiation of homologous female and male forms from the same original beginnings or anlagen, as in the case of the clitoris and penis, each of which differentiates from the primitive genital tubercle.

Accounted for or explained as having been determined, produced, or caused by only one variable.

The condition or activity of achieving sexuoerotic arousal through stimulation of the urinary urethra by means of insertions of rubber cathethers, rods, objects, fluids, ballbearings, and even long flexible cathether-like electrodes ("sparklers"). This activity may be part of a paraphilic rubber catheter fetish, a sadomasochistic repertory, sexuoerotic experimentation and variety, or activity the result of anatomic ignorance as urethral intercourse has been described wherein a case of infertility was due to the insertion of the husband's penis into the wifes urethra rather than the vagina.

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