Ulster Spring Hospital
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  Ulster Spring Hospital

Ulster Spring Hospital

   The Ulster Spring Hospital is a hospital in Trelawny, Jamaica.


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.



University Insel Hospital Berne
The University Insel Hospital Berne is a hospital in Bern, Switzerland.

University Of Alberta Hospital
The University Of Alberta Hospital is a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

UBC Hospital
The UBC Hospital is a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

University of Ottawa Heart Institute
The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is a hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

University Hospital of the West Indies
The University Hospital of the West Indies is a hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ulster Spring Hospital

University Specialty Hospital
The University Specialty Hospital is a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Upper Chesapeake Hospital
The Upper Chesapeake Hospital is a hospital in Bel Air, Maryland, United States.

University of Missouri Health Care
The University of Missouri Health Care is a hospital in Columbia, Missouri, United States.

US Veterans Medical Center
The US Veterans Medical Center is a hospital in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

US PHS Indian Hospital
The US PHS Indian Hospital is a hospital in Cherokee, North Carolina, United States.

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