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    Replying to a question in an oblique or irrelevant way. Compare with circumstantiality.


Pattern of speech that is indirect and delayed in reaching its goal because of excessive or irrelevant detail or parenthetical remarks. The speaker does not lose the point, as is characteristic of loosening of associations, and clauses remain logically connected, but to the listener it seems that the end will never be reached.


Tang Shiu Kin Hospital
The Tang Shiu Kin Hospital is a hospital in Hong Kong.

Tanga doctors
All doctors near Tanga, Tanzania. Doctors who can assist a patient in Tanga.

Tangail doctors
All doctors near Tangail, Bangladesh. Doctors who can assist a patient in Tangail.

Tanger doctors
All doctors near Tanger, Morocco. Doctors who can assist a patient in Tanger.

Tangerang doctors
All doctors near Tangerang, Indonesia. Doctors who can assist a patient in Tangerang.

Tangshan doctors
All doctors near Tangshan, China. Doctors who can assist a patient in Tangshan.


A regulatory g-protein in photoreceptors which stimulates phosphodiesterase molecules and acts as an amplifier of the incoming light signal.

Puncture of the pleural cavity.

Decrease in blood platelets.

A clot of material that breaks free from a primary site, is transported in the bloodstream and becomes lodged and adhered at a secondary site.

Tactile hallucination
A hallucination involving the perception of being touched or of something being under one's skin. The most common tactile hallucinations are the sensation of electric shocks and formication (the sensation of something creeping or crawling on or under the skin).


Constitutional predisposition to react in a particular way to stimuli.

Terminal insomnia
Awakening before one's usual waking time and being unable to return to sleep.

The act of ending or concluding. In psychotherapy, termination refers to the mutual agreement between patient and therapist to bring therapy to an end. The idea of termination often occurs to both, but usually it is the therapist who introduces the subject into the session as a possibility to be considered. In psychoanalytic treatment, the patient's reactions are worked through to completion before the treatment ends. The early termination that is characteristic of focal psychotherapy and other forms of brief psychotherapy often requires more extensive work with the feelings of loss and separation.

Therapeutic community
A term of British origin, now widely used, for a specially structured mental hospital milieu that encourages patients to function within the range of social norms.

Therapeutic window
A well-defined range of blood levels associated with optimal clinical response to antidepressant drugs, such as nortriptyline. Levels above or below that range are associated with a poor response.

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