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   Most superior bone of the foot that provides the primary connection between the leg and the foot and that articulates with the calcaneus to make up the subtalar joint.


The anatomical term for "above". i.e. the head is superior to the shoulder. Typically used in humans only. See Cranial/Caudal/Inferior.

Bone refers either to a hardened connective tissue or to one of the individual structures, or organs, into which it is formed, found in many animals. Bones support body structures, protect internal organs, and (in conjunction with muscles) facilitate movement; are also involved with cell formation, calcium metabolism, and mineral storage. The bones of an animal are, collectively, known as the skeleton.

The distal portion of the leg, upon which an individual stands and walks. It consists, in man, of the tarsus, metatarsus, and phalanges and the tissues encompassing them.

The calcaneus is the heel bone. It is also called the os calcis. The calcaneus is a more or less rectangular bone at the back of the foot.

Where the ends of two or more bones meet.



The trachea is a tube which extends from the larynx to the esophagus. It is connected to the trachea at about the area where the larynx is located. It functions as a tube for air to pass through from the external environment to the lungs. It is composed of C-shaped cartilage rings which are embedded in the smooth muscle. The cartilage prevents the trachea from collapsing and closing off the airway.

A condition in which a blood clot fragment breaks off from one part of the body and blocks a blood vessel in another part of the body.

Various rhythmic involuntary movements involving the arms, legs or head, occurring in numerous illnesses and conditions and greatly varying in type and severity.

Tunnel vision
Lack of a high-level view of a hypermedia system. Tunnel vision is caused by, among other things, information being presented in small fragments not related to their context. The opposite to world vision.

An inherited disorder in which abnormal hemoglobin is formed; required repeated blood transfusions result in iron loading with especial impairment of functions of pituitary, heart and pancreas; prevalent in countries bordering the Mediterranean, in the Middle East, and in India and Southeast Asia.


The segment of the leg between the femur and the tarsus.

Upper ankle region, or parts corresponding to it.

A granular protoplasmic body; a plastid, formed from , eventually surrounds the entire embryo; insert themselves between uterine epithelial cells, then spread along the epithelial surface of the basal lamina that underlies the endometrial epithelium to form a trophoplate.

The final stage of mitosis in which the chromosomes migrate to opposite poles, a new nuclear envelope forms, and the chromosomes uncoil. The last phase of nuclear division in eukaryotes when the segregated chromosomes uncoil and begin to reform nuclei. This is immediately followed (in most cases) by cytokinesis.

(plural testes). A male's testes are located in a pouch that hangs suspended outside his body. The testes produce testosterone and sperm.

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