Sintaful Pantilimon Emergency Hospital
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  Sintaful Pantilimon Emergency Hospital

Sintaful Pantilimon Emergency Hospital

   The Sintaful Pantilimon Emergency Hospital is a hospital in Bucharest, Romania.


Sudden occurrence demanding immediate remedy. Symptoms that would constitute a medical emergency include: 1.Difficulty breathing. Changes in skin color; 2.Chest pain, radiating from the breast bone or high in the abdomen to the jaw, neck, shoulder blade(s) or arms. Impending feelings of "doom"; 3.Mental status changes or loss of consciousness. Abrupt onset of a severe headache accompanied by nausea and/or vomiting, or feelings of drowsiness; 4.Fever over 105 any age. Fever over 100,4 in children less than 3 months of age; 5.Bleeding continues after 10 minutes of direct pressure.

Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.



St Luke's Hospital
The St Luke's Hospital is a hospital in Guardamangia, Malta.

Sir Paul Boffa Hospital
The Sir Paul Boffa Hospital is a hospital in Floriana, Malta.

St Radboud University Hospital
The St Radboud University Hospital is a hospital in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

St Antonius Ziekenhuis
The St Antonius Ziekenhuis is a hospital in Nieuwegein Netherlands.

Santa Maria Hospital
The Santa Maria Hospital is a hospital in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sintaful Pantilimon Emergency Hospital

Sahlgrenska University Hospital
The Sahlgrenska University Hospital is a hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.

St Gorans Sjukhus
The St Gorans Sjukhus is a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

St Anna Clinic
The St Anna Clinic is a hospital in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
The Stoke Mandeville Hospital is a hospital in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England (Great Britain).

St Bartholomew's Hospital
The St Bartholomew's Hospital is a hospital in London, England (Great Britain).

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