Siamese twins
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  Siamese twins

Siamese twins

   Identical twins born joined together.



Carrying or producing semen.

When disease-causing bacteria from an area of infection spread into the bloodstream and tissues.

The study of the antigen-antibody reaction.

A viral infection of certain sensory nerves that causes pain and blisters on the skin along the course of the infected nerve. Also called herpes zoster.

The ball-and-socket joint connecting the arm with the body.

Siamese twins

Sickle cell trait
Inheriting the gene for sickle cell anemia from only one parent. It causes no symptoms.


A tendon or fibrous cord.

The bony framework of the head.

A viral disease that was once highly contagious. Characterized by high fever, vomiting, and blisters and sores on the skin. Vaccination has eliminated this disease.

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