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    See Myopia.




Shore Memorial Hospital
The Shore Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Virginia, United States.

Short bowel syndrome
Problems related to absorbing nutrients after removal of part of the small intestine. Symptoms include diarrhea, weakness, and weight loss. Also called short gut syndrome.

Short gut syndrome
See short bowel syndrome.

Short-term visual store
Visual memory not affected by masking, not in anatomical coordinates, limited in capacity. Less is retained from complex images than simple images.


Second-Order statistics
Captures differences in granularity and slope.

Second-Order motion mechanisms
Capture motion information from moving properties such as a moving are of flicker in which there is no difference in mean luminance between target and background.

1. The reciprocal of the minimum stimulus strength required for the stimulus to be detected reliably (1/threshold) May be related to noise and other mechanisms. 2. Physiologically measured sensitivity averaged over many stimulus/response cycles. A measure of gain. Noise free.

Sensitivity control
Adjustment of eye sensitivity to compensate for a change in illumination.

Sensory fusion
The combining of drawing together of two images which fall on different points in the two retinas without changing the vergence of the two eyes.


Short-term visual store
Visual memory not affected by masking, not in anatomical coordinates, limited in capacity. Less is retained from complex images than simple images.

Silent substitution
If the action spectra of all photoreceptors types are known, spatial or temporal stimulus patterns can be designed which are invisible to some cone types while producing suprathreshold contrast for others. Thus one can study the range of psychophysical performance that is available for solely one type of cone signal.

Simple cells
One of three cell classifications for cells in the primary visual cortex (V1) proposed by Hubel & Wiesel. Simple cells show rectangular antagonistic on/off zones responding to bars of a particular orientations. They are described as a performing a linear filtering operation followed by a threshold nonlinearity. In a linear system the average response to a drifiting cosine grating will be a cosine at the same frequency. Because of the threshold, response to the negative half-cycles are suppressed.

Size constancy
The fact that the perception of the sizes of objects remains remarkably constant at varying distance despite the fact that the image projected on the retina changes.

Stabilized retinal images
Technique for examining perception without eye movement accompanied by loss of color and contour perception. Demonstrates that movement of an image across the retina is vital for perception.

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