Shock, insulin
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  Shock, insulin

Shock, insulin

   A term no longer used. See Hypoglycemia; insulin reaction.


Low levels of blood sugar.

The hormone that drives incoming nutrients into cells for storage. Excess insulin is the primary pillar of aging.


Impaired body function due to blood loss or a disturbance in the circulatory system.


Second Phase Insulin Release
Delayed release of insulin into the bloodstream from the beta cell after the blood glucose level rises. It is thought that this delayed release is due to release of insulin that is manufactured in the beta cell after the blood sugar starts to rise.

Secondary Diabetes
When a person gets diabetes because of another disease or because of taking certain drugs or chemicals.

To make and give off such as when the beta cells make insulin and then release it into the blood so that the other cells in the body can use it to turn glucose (sugar) into energy.

Segmental Transplantation
A surgical procedure in which a part of a pancreas that contains insulin-producing cells is placed in a person whose pancreas has stopped making insulin.

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose
A way as person can test how much glucose (sugar) is in the blood. Also called home blood glucose monitoring.

Shock, insulin

Sliding Scale
Adjusting insulin on the basis of blood glucose tests, meals, and activity levels.

Somogyi Effect
A swing to a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood from an extremely low level, usually occurring after an untreated insulin reaction during the night. The swing is caused by the release of stress hormones to counter low glucose levels. |Sorbitol |A sugar alcohol the body uses slowly. It is a sweetener used in diet foods. It is called a nutritive sweetener because it has four calories in every gram, just like table sugar and starch.

Spilling Point
When the blood is holding so much of a substance such as glucose (sugar) that the kidneys allow the excess to spill into the urine.

Split Dose
Division of a prescribed daily dose of insulin into two or more injections given over the course of a day. Also may be referred to as multiple injections. Many people who use insulin feel that split doses offer more consistent control over blood glucose (sugar) levels.

Stiff Hand Syndrome
Thickening of the skin of the palm that results in loss of ability to hold hand straight. This condition occurs only in people with diabetes.

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