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    Infection with the bacterium Shigella, usually causing a high fever, acute diarrhea, and dehydration. See also gastroenteritis.



The singular of bacteria.

When body temperature rises above its normal level - defined as 98.6 degrees F, though it varies by individual and time of day. A fever is the sign of an immune system at work and usually indicates an infection.

1. Of short course. 2. Severe, but of a short duration. Not chronic.

Passage of excessively liquid or excessively frequent stools.

Loss of fluids from the body, often caused by diarrhea. May result in loss of important salts and minerals.

An infection or irritation of the stomach and intestines, which may be caused by bacteria or parasites from spoiled food or unclean water. Other causes include eating food that irritates the stomach lining and emotional upsets such as anger, fear, or stress. Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramping. See also infectious diarrhea and travelers' diarrhea.



A hormone made in the duodenum. Causes the stomach to make pepsin, the liver to make bile, and the pancreas to make a digestive juice.

The process by which muscles in the intestines move food and wastes through the body.

A device, such as a photoelectric cell, that receives and responds to a signal or stimulus.

Septal defect
A hole in the wall of the heart.

The muscle wall that divides the heart chambers.


Impaired body function due to blood loss or a disturbance in the circulatory system.

Short bowel syndrome
Problems related to absorbing nutrients after removal of part of the small intestine. Symptoms include diarrhea, weakness, and weight loss. Also called short gut syndrome.

Short gut syndrome
See short bowel syndrome.

A connector to allow blood flow between two locations.

Shwachman's syndrome
A digestive and respiratory disorder of children. Certain digestive enzymes are missing and white blood cells are few. Symptoms may include diarrhea and short stature.

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