Sagmalcilar Devlet Hastanesi
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  Sagmalcilar Devlet Hastanesi

Sagmalcilar Devlet Hastanesi

   The Sagmalcilar Devlet Hastanesi is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.



SSK Kestel Istasyonu
The SSK Kestel Istasyonu is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.

SSK Orhangazi Istasyonu
The SSK Orhangazi Istasyonu is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.

SSK P. Sanayi Poliklinigi
The SSK P. Sanayi Poliklinigi is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.

SSK Sevket Yilmaz Hastanesi
The SSK Sevket Yilmaz Hastanesi is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.

Spastik Cocuklar Hastanesi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi
The Spastik Cocuklar Hastanesi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi is a hospital in Bursa, Turkey.

Sagmalcilar Devlet Hastanesi

Sait Ciftci Kamu Sagligi Merkezi. Yildiz
The Sait Ciftci Kamu Sagligi Merkezi. Yildiz is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sariyer Ismail Akgun Devlet Hastanesi
The Sariyer Ismail Akgun Devlet Hastanesi is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Silivri Devlet Hastanesi
The Silivri Devlet Hastanesi is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sultanbeyli Devlet Hastanesi
The Sultanbeyli Devlet Hastanesi is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sile Devlet Hastaness
The Sile Devlet Hastaness is a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

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