Sadomasochistic sacrifice
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  Sadomasochistic sacrifice

Sadomasochistic sacrifice

    A paraphilic ritual in which sexuoerotic fulfillment requires sadistic dominance in reciprocal interaction with masochistic victimization, and/or vice versa, with or without mutual consent.


Impersonating an older person and being treated as one by a partner - one of the stigmatic/eligibilic paraphilias.

The sexual and the erotic experienced as a unity, with more emphasis on sexual behavior than erotic imagery.

The condition of being responsive or dependent on punishing or humiliating one's partner in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate orgasm. A person, especially a woman, may impersonate a sadist to oblige masochistic partners for commercial gain.


Sadism and masochism viewed as reciprocals or counterparts of one another, and possibly alternating in the same person.


Systematic desensitization
A behavior therapy procedure widely used to modify behaviors associated with phobias. The procedure involves the construction of a hierarchy of anxiety-producing stimuli by the subject, and gradual presentation of the stimuli until they no longer produce anxiety.

Sacrificial paraphilia
One of a group of paraphilias characterized by triumph wrested developmentally from sexuoerotic tragedy by means of a strategy that incorporates sinful lust into the lovemap on the condition that it requires reparation or atonement by way of penance and sacrifice, since it irrevocably defiles saintly love.

A paraphilia of the sacrificial/expiatory type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent on [and dependent upon] being the authority who variously imposes abuse, torture, punishment, discipline, humiliation, obedience, and servitude. The reciprocal paraphilic condition is masochism.

The condition of being responsive or dependent on punishing or humiliating one's partner in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate orgasm. A person, especially a woman, may impersonate a sadist to oblige masochistic partners for commercial gain.

Sadism and masochism viewed as reciprocals or counterparts of one another, and possibly alternating in the same person.

Sadomasochistic sacrifice

In genetics, a small mass attached to the end of the short arm of some chromosomes.

The compulsive condition in a male of recurrent sexual intercourse with different female partners, promiscuously and without falling in love, but not as a paid gigolo, hustler, or call boy. in psychiatry, a term loosely applied to a male believed to have an insatiable sexual appetite.

Literally the study of excrement; metaphorically, the study of verbal or graphic material legally defined as filthy or obscene and pertaining to sexual rather than excremental activity. A scatophilic telephone caller talks sexually in a manner that he expects will be offensive or shocking to a female listener who does not know him. He is dependent on this maneuver to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm.

Sexuoerotic gratification produced by watching people engaged in sexual activity.

Or scopophilia. A paraphilia of the solicitational/ allurative type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent on watching others engaging in sexual activity, including sexual intercourse. the condition in which a person is dependent on looking at sexual organs and watching their coital performance in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate and achieve orgasm. It is not surreptitious, as in voyeurism. The reciprocal paraphilic condition is sometimes also referred to as scoptophilia; or by its own name, autagonistophilia.

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