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    Enlargement of the spleen.


The organ that cleans blood and makes white blood cells.


The organ that cleans blood and makes white blood cells.

Splenic flexure syndrome
A condition that occurs when air or gas collects in the upper parts of the colon. Causes pain in the upper left abdomen. The pain often moves to the left chest and may be confused with heart problems.


Stiles-Crawford effect
Light entering the eye through the center of the pupil is more effective than light entering at a peripheral point near the edge of the pupil. This is largely to to the directionally sensitive photoreceptors which are oriented towrad the center of the pupil. This helps to minimize the effect of stray light.

Stimulus equivalence
If the stimulus controlling behavior is a pattern of light on the retina than an infinite number of images are equivalent in their effects.

Superior colliculus
A nucleus in the midbrain that coordinate visual, somatic and auditory information adjusting movements of the head and eyes towards a stimulus. contains four types of maps, a visual map, a map of the body surface, a map for sound in space and a motor map. Receives inputs from the retina (via the optic tract), the visual cortex, the somatosensory system and auditory systems. Mediates saccadic eye movements. Is the source of two major descending tracts, the tectospinal tract and the tectopontine tract in addition to regions of the brain stem controlling eye movements.

Superior temporal polysensory area (STP)
Area of monkey cortex. Virtually all cells respond to visual stimuli but some also activated by somatosensory and auditory input. Large receptive fields covering most of the visual field with no visuotopic order. Show radial or opponent direction selectivity. Some cells have fields responding to motion either towards the area centralis or away from it. Others show selective responses for object moving in depth, producing either looming or contracting pattern of motion in the field. Seem to be sensitive to information about peripheral optic flow.

Formation of sperm.


Sessile polyp
A polyp with a broad base (sessile).

The hydrolysis of a fat by alkali with the formation of a soap and glycerol.

A hardened patch of skin or mucous membrane.

Any serous membrane.

Having a wavy border.

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