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  SA Node

SA Node

    See Sino-Atrial Node.


A swelling, knot or knob.



a paraphilia of the stigmatic/eligibilic type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent on a partner who has been tattooed, scarified, or pierced for the wearing of gold jewelry (bars or rings), especially in the genital region. The same term applies to the reciprocal paraphilic condition in which the self is similarly decorated.

Stimulus-response theory
In psychology, the theory that human responsivity is determined by contingencies of reward and punishment in the external environment.

Below the skin.

To masculinize in excess.

Sympathetic nervous system
Pertaining to that part of the autonomic nervous system which usually prepares the organism to deal more effectively with a situation of strife or emergency, as in fight or flight, the functions of which contrast with or reciprocate those of the parasympathetic system Paradoxically, the sympathetic system is also responsible for the physiological phenomenon of orgasm and/or ejaculation, but not sexual arousal.

SA Node

Sino-Atrial Node
A part of the heart muscle, located next to the inlet from the Vena Cava, which is the "pacemaker" of the heart.

Sinus rythm
A normal heart rythm being generated by the SA node.

Sinus tachycardia
A normal, but fast rythm being generated by the SA node. This is very different than the term Ventricular Tachycardia.

The anatomical term for "above". i.e. the head is superior to the shoulder. Typically used in humans only. See Cranial/Caudal/Inferior.

Aarskog-Scott syndrome
A syndrome of wide spaced eyes (ocular hypertelorism), front-facing (anteverted) nostrils, a broad upper lip, a malformed ("saddle-bag") scrotum, and laxity of the ligaments resulting in bending back of the knees (genu recurvatum), flat feet, and overly extensible fingers. There are X-linked and autosomal forms of the disease. The gene for the X-linked form has been mapped to chromosome band Xp11.21 and identified as the FGD1 gene. The disease is named for DJ Aarskog (1928-) and CI Scott, Jr. (1934-), Norwegian and American pediatricians, who described it in 1970 and 1971. It is also known as Aarskog syndrome, faciodigitogenital dysplasia, and faciogenital dysplasia.

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