S.B. Ankara Hastanesi
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  S.B. Ankara Hastanesi

S.B. Ankara Hastanesi

   The S.B. Ankara Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.



Singapore National Eye Centre
The Singapore National Eye Centre is a hospital in Singapore.

Samsung Medical Center
The Samsung Medical Center is a hospital in Seoul, South Korea.

Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
The Show Chwan Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Changhua, Taiwan.

Shinyin Hospital
The Shinyin Hospital is a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.

Sin Lau Hospital
The Sin Lau Hospital is a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.

S.B. Ankara Hastanesi

SSK Ankara Egitim Hastanesi
The SSK Ankara Egitim Hastanesi is a hospital in Diskapi, Ankara, Turkey.

SSK Ankara Cocuk Hastanesi
The SSK Ankara Cocuk Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

SSK Ihtisas Hastanesi
The SSK Ihtisas Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

SSK Meslek Hastaliklari Hastanesi
The SSK Meslek Hastaliklari Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

SSK Ulus Hastanesi
The SSK Ulus Hastanesi is a hospital in Ankara, Turkey.

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