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   Posterior to the sternum.


At or toward the back.

The breastbone.


Due to organ rejection or transplant failure, some patients return to the waiting list. Reducing the number of retransplants is a critical concern when examining ways to maximize a limited supply of organs.

Retreat Hospital
Retreat Hospital is a hospital in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

Behind the eyeball.

Retrobulbar neuritis
An inflammation of the optic nerve. It causes a loss in vision. It is sometimes indicative of a neurological disease.

Residing behind the peritoneam; this chamber is not in the abdominal cavity. For instance the kidney is a retroperitoneal.

The tendency to step backwards if bumped from the front or upon initiating walking, usually seen in patients who tend to lean backwards because of problems with balance.

Retrovir is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): zidovudine.

A virus that produces DNA from RNA (the opposite of the normal order). A group of viruses that includes HIV.


Radiation oncologist/radiation therapist
A radiologist who specializes in the use of radioactive substances and x-rays for the treatment of tumors and cancer.

A physician trained in the use of radioactive substances, x-rays, and other imaging techniques to arrive at a diagnosis.

Registered nurse
A trained medical professional who assists people in health care under the direction of a physician.

A medical doctor who has completed medical school and internship, and is receiving training in a specialized area. Completion of a residency program is required for board certification in a medical or surgical specialty.

Inflammation of the retina.


A device to protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants, classified by the amount of face coverage it provides and its method of protection, e.g. a half-face, negative-pressure, air-purifying respirator; or a full-face, pressure demand, supplied air respirator.

Risk factor
Something that increases the likelihood of cancer.

Random allocation
Assignment of subjects to treatment (or control) groups in an unpredictable way. In a blinded trial, assignments are concealed, bu available for disclosure in the event a subject has an adverse experience.

Random sample
Members of a population selected by a method designed to ensure that each person in the target group has an equal chance of selection.

Allocation of individuals to groups, eg. for experimental and control regimens, by chance, in order to make groups similar at the start of an investigation. The randomisation process may or may not consider particular characteristics of the subject being entered.

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