Retrobulbar neuritis
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  Retrobulbar neuritis

Retrobulbar neuritis

    An inflammation of the optic nerve. It causes a loss in vision. It is sometimes indicative of a neurological disease.


A reaction to an injury to the body - by infection, chemicals or physical agents. The symptoms can be - depending on the location of the injury- redness, swelling, heat and pain. The purpose of the inflammation is to dilute and destroy the agent causing the inflammation. To do this, the immune system starts a cascade of actions that causes active cells to gather at the affected location. It is these cells and fluids that cause the redness, swelling, heat and pain.

Tissue that conveys sensation, temperature, position information to the brain.

The sense of sight.

The medical science that deals with the nervous system and disorders affecting it.

Illness or sickness often characterized by typical patient problems (symptoms) and physical findings (signs). Disruption sequence: The events that occur when a fetus that is developing normally is subjected to a destructive agent such as the rubella (German measles) virus.


Due to organ rejection or transplant failure, some patients return to the waiting list. Reducing the number of retransplants is a critical concern when examining ways to maximize a limited supply of organs.

Retreat Hospital
Retreat Hospital is a hospital in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

Behind the eyeball.

Residing behind the peritoneam; this chamber is not in the abdominal cavity. For instance the kidney is a retroperitoneal.

The tendency to step backwards if bumped from the front or upon initiating walking, usually seen in patients who tend to lean backwards because of problems with balance.

Posterior to the sternum.

Retrovir is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): zidovudine.

A virus that produces DNA from RNA (the opposite of the normal order). A group of viruses that includes HIV.


Rice bodies
Aggregates of cells, fibrin and debris found in synovial fluid from chronically inflamed joints.

Ritchie index
A scoring system for recording joint tenderness.

In order for an eye to see clearly, the light rays must come to a perfect focus when they reach the fovea. The bending of the light rays is called refraction. Each eye has its own characteristic refractive error. An instrument (retinoscope) is used to determine this error. The examination is called refracting the eye. From the refraction, the examiner learns the strength of lens necessary to provide the clearest vision for each eye.

Retinal detachment
A retinal detachment occurs when the retina, that part of the eye that contains the photoreceptors, detaches from the underlying layers of cells, called the choroid. A retinal detachment my be the result of injury to the eye such as blunt trauma (remember Sugar Ray, the boxer) or it may result from other things like high myopia or age-related macular degeneration. In certain diseases, retinal breaks and tears occur and these may lead to a retinal detachment. Early warning signs include bright dots or lights or some of your side vision may appear dark. A retinal detachment may be treatable if detected early, so see your Ophthalmologist.

The most common cancer in the eye occurring in early childhood. A parent or doctor may first suspect a problem by detecting whiteness in the normally dark pupil. Occasionally it leads to a wandering eye (strabismus). It does not spread from one eye to the other but about 25% have a tumor in each eye. Immediate medical treatment is necessary. Sometimes the eye(s) must be removed to prevent spreading of the tumor into the brain.

Retrobulbar neuritis

Rod cone dystrophy
A number of retina diseases in which the rod photoreceptors first start to degenerate followed by the cone photoreceptors. Other parts of the retina and RPE are also adversely affected. Symptoms include loss of side vision and night blindness followed by the loss of central vision. RP is the most common form of rod-cone degeneration. Some forms occur at birth while other forms may start much later in life. Generally very poor prognosis.

The rods are the visual cells of the retina that are important for night vision and peripheral vision. The rods are the first affected in rod-cone degenerations such as RP.

The family of true frogs of the order Anura. The family occurs worldwide except in Antarctica.

Veterinary anthelmintic for grazing animals; used to treat fluke, hookworm and other infestations.

A suborder of the order Artiodactyla whose members have the distinguishing feature of a four-chambered stomach. Horns or antlers are usually present, at least in males.

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