Resolution phase
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  Resolution phase

Resolution phase

    The fourth of four sexual phases delineated by Masters and Johnson.


Pertaining to sex or, more particularly, the stimulation, responsiveness, and functions of the sex organs either alone or with one or more partners.



A break or tear in any organ or soft tissue.

The condition in which a person is dependent on the terrified resistance of a nonconsenting stranger, under conditions of unexpected assault and threats of further violence, in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate and achieve orgasm. The rape may be replayed in fantasy while masturbating or copulating. True rape is not the same as the coercive imposition of coitus on an acquaintance or spouse.

The mutual process of adaptation, one to the other, as when the behavior of a person of one sex adapts itself to the behavior of the other.

The theoretically incorrect practice of reducing causality that is complex and multivariate to a single or univariate cause.

Sexuoerotic stimulation from the odor of urine.

Resolution phase

Reversible hyposomatotropic dwarfism

Releasing hormone
Also known as releasing factor. One of the newly discovered peptide hormones secreted by cells in the hypothalamus of the brain. They release other hormones, especially from the nearby pituitary gland.

Having a wondrous or storybook quality, visionary and idealized. Romantic love belongs to the proceptive phase of a relationship, especially at its onset. Historically, in the songs of the troubadours of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, romantic love stopped short of the acceptive phase of sexual intercourse and marriage, but today there is no strict dividing line.

See Serial nuclear transfer.

Resetting the developmental clock of a nucleus; for example, resetting the developmental state of an adult differentiated cell nucleus so that it can carry out the genetic program of an early embryonic cell nucleus, making all the proteins required for embryonic development. In somatic cell nuclear transfer, components of the recipient egg cytoplasm are thought to play an important role in reprogramming the somatic cell nucleus to carry out the functions of an embryonic nucleus.

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