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    Having the ability to return to an original shape after having been compressed or deformed.


The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.


A medical doctor who has completed medical school and internship, and is receiving training in a specialized area. Completion of a residency program is required for board certification in a medical or surgical specialty.

Remaining tumor.

Residual phase
The phase of an illness that occurs after remission of the florid symptoms or the full syndrome.

Resistencia doctors
All doctors near Resistencia, Argentina. Doctors who can assist a patient in Resistencia.


The visual pigment in rod cells. Contains opsin and retinal.

Right visual hemifield
The right half of the visual field, projects on the nasal hemiretina of the right eye and on the temporal hemiretina of the left eye.

When two different images are presented to the two eyes simulataneously, a mosaic-like percept can be obtained, in which different regions of the image correspond to left and right eye images.

Photoreceptor for dim light conditions. Achromatic, lower acuity and temporal resolution than cones, outnumber cones 20 to 1. Rod system is convergent (many rods target one bipolar cell). See also Cone.

Shaped like a kidney.


A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which an individual attempts to justify or make consciously tolerable by plausible means, feelings or behavior that otherwise would be intolerable. Not to be confused with conscious evasion or dissimulation. See also projection.

Reaction formation
A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which a person adopts affects, ideas, and behaviors that are the opposites of impulses harbored either consciously or unconsciously. For example, excessive moral zeal may be a reaction to strong but repressed asocial impulses.

Reality principle
In psychoanalytic theory, the concept that the pleasure principle, which represents the claims of instinctual wishes, is normally modified by the demands and requirements of the external world. In fact, the reality principle may still work on behalf of the pleasure principle but reflects compromises and allows for the postponement of gratification to a more appropriate time. The reality principle usually becomes more prominent in the course of development but may be weak in certain psychiatric illnesses and undergo strengthening during treatment. reality testing The ability to evaluate the external world objectively and to differentiate adequately between it and the internal world. Falsification of reality, as with massive denial or projection, indicates a severe disturbance of ego functioning and/or of the perceptual and memory processes upon which it is partly based.

Reciprocal inhibition
In behavior therapy, the hypothesis that if anxiety-provoking stimuli occur simultaneously with the inhibition of anxiety (e.g., relaxation), the bond between those stimuli and the anxiety will be weakened.

Partial or symbolic return to earlier patterns of reacting or thinking. Manifested in a wide variety of circumstances such as normal sleep, play, physical illness, and in many mental disorders.

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