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  Reproductive technology

Reproductive technology

    Procedures and medical interventions used to aid conception.


Pertaining to Medicine.

When a sperm and egg join to form a single cell, usually in the Fallopiantubes. After joining, the fertilized egg travels into the uterus, where itimplants in the lining on its way to growing into an embryo and then a fetus.


A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, that banishes unacceptable ideas, fantasies, affects, or impulses from consciousness or that keeps out of consciousness what has never been conscious. Although not subject to voluntary recall, the repressed material may emerge in disguised form. Often confused with the conscious mechanism of suppression. resistance One's conscious or unconscious psychological defense against bringing repressed (unconscious) thoughts into conscious awareness.

Reproductive system
The male and female organs responsible for reproduction.

Resetting the developmental clock of a nucleus; for example, resetting the developmental state of an adult differentiated cell nucleus so that it can carry out the genetic program of an early embryonic cell nucleus, making all the proteins required for embryonic development. In somatic cell nuclear transfer, components of the recipient egg cytoplasm are thought to play an important role in reprogramming the somatic cell nucleus to carry out the functions of an embryonic nucleus.

Repronex is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): menotropins fsh;lh.


Recovery room
A room designed to accommodate a woman's labor, delivery, and recovery.

A reddish spot or patch of irritated skin. Rashes can be caused byillnesses, allergies, and heat and are usually temporary.

Recommended daily allowances
The federal government's recommendations for the minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals a person should eat each day.

An automatic, involuntary movement.

Reproductive system
The male and female organs responsible for reproduction.

Reproductive technology

Respiratory distress syndrome
Common in premature infants, RDS means a baby can't take in enough oxygen because his or her lungs aren't yet fully developed. With proper treatment, about 80 percent of babies recover fully.

Rh incompatibility
A condition in which a baby's blood type is incompatible with the mother's. If carefully monitored and treated, women whose Rh factor is incompatible with their fetus's will usually give birth to a healthy baby.

When a newborn stays in the same room as the mother in a hospital after birth.

Rooting reflex
One of the reflexes present at birth; infants will automatically turn their heads and start sucking when their cheeks are stroked.

Roseola infantum
A common viral illness in children under 2, roseola infantum begins with a high fever, runny nose, and swollen glands, usually followed by a rash on the torso, arms, or legs. While the infection is common, serious complications from roseola infantum are rare.

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