Rapid City Regional Hospital
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  Rapid City Regional Hospital

Rapid City Regional Hospital

   Rapid City Regional Hospital is a hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota (USA).


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Rapid gastric emptying
A condition that occurs when food moves too fast from the stomach into the small intestine. Symptoms are nausea, pain, weakness, and sweating. This syndrome most often affects people who have had stomach operations. Also called dumping syndrome.

Rapides Regional Medical Center
The Rapides Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana, United States.

Rapides Regional Medical Ctr
Rapides Regional Medical Ctr is a hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana (USA).

The condition in which a person is dependent on the terrified resistance of a nonconsenting stranger, under conditions of unexpected assault and threats of further violence, in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate and achieve orgasm. The rape may be replayed in fantasy while masturbating or copulating. True rape is not the same as the coercive imposition of coitus on an acquaintance or spouse.


Riverside Hospital
Riverside Hospital is a hospital in Columbus, Ohio (USA).

Reading Hospital and Medical Center
Reading Hospital and Medical Center is a hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania (USA).

Robert packer Hospital
Robert packer Hospital is a hospital in Sayre, Pennsylvania (USA).

Rhode Island Hospital
Rhode Island Hospital is a hospital in Providence, Rhode Island (USA).

Roger Williams Medical Center
Roger Williams Medical Center is a hospital in Providence, Rhode Island (USA).

Rapid City Regional Hospital

River Park Medical Center
River Park Medical Center is a hospital in McMinnville, Tennessee (USA).

RHD Memorial Medical Center
RHD Memorial Medical Center is a hospital in Dallas, Texas (USA).

Richardson Regional Medical Center
Richardson Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Richardson, Texas (USA).

Rio Grande Regional Hospital
Rio Grande Regional Hospital is a hospital in McAllen, Texas (USA).

Rio Vista Rehabilitation Hospital
Rio Vista Rehabilitation Hospital is a hospital in El Paso, Texas (USA).

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