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   Registered Dietitian.


A specialist in the study of nutrition.



Recruitment (subjects)
Process that employs inclusion and exclusion criteria and is used by investigators to enrol appropriate subjects into a clinical study.

Recruitment period
Time period during which investigators must complete enrolment of their quota of subjects for a trial.

Recruitment target
Number of subjects that must be recruited into a study to meet the requirements of the study protocol. In multicentre studies, each investigator has a recruitment target.

Rehabilitation unit
A section of a hospital dedicated to comprehensive organised programmes of inpatient rehabilitation.

In clinical trials, the probability of harm or discomfort for subjects, arising from the test product. Acceptable risk differs depending on the condition for which a product is being tested. A product for sore throat, for example, will be expected to have a low incidence of side effects. However, unpleasant side effects may be an acceptable risk when testing a promising treatment for a life-threatening illness.


Reactive hypoglycemia
A fall in blood sugar which causes symptoms during the period following meals. Simply put, the body has trouble braking the secretion of insulin after a meal, resulting in the blood sugar dropping further than it should. Reactive hypoglycemia is different from spontaneous hypoglycemia, which is not assoicated with meal ingestion. Reactive hypoglycemia generally has a benign prognosis.

Reagents, Reagent Strips
Terms no longer used for diabetes blood and urine glucose or acetone test strips.

A swing to a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood after having a low level.

Areas on the outer part of a cell that allow the cell to join or bind with insulin that is in the blood.

Regular Insulin
A type of insulin that is fast acting.

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