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  Q-wave MI

Q-wave MI

   A MI or heart attack that is caused by a prolonged period of blocked blood supply. An area of the heart muscle is affected, causing changes on the ECG as well as chemical markers in the blood.


The hollow, muscular organ responsible for pumping blood through the circulatory system.

The life-maintaining fluid which is made up of plasma, red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), and platelets; blood circulates through the body's heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries; it carries away waste matter and carbon dioxide, and brings nourishment, electrolytes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, heat, and oxygen to the tissues.

Tissue made up of bundles of long, slender cells that contract when stimulated.



Qualitative variable
One that cannot be measured numerically (race or sex for example).

Quantitative variable
One that can be measured (blood pressure, for example).

Quality assurance (QA)
All those planned and systematic actions that are established to ensure that the research is performed and the data are generated, documented (recorded), and reported in compliance with good clinical practice (GCP) and the applicable regulatory requirements.

Quality control (QC)
The operational techniques and activities undertaken within the quality assurance system to verify that the requirements for quality of the trial-related activities have been fulfilled.

Qi (chi [chee], ki)
Broadly, an alleged vital force that underlies functioning of body, mind, and spirit. The concept of this purported, multifaceted "cosmic life force" is fundamental to various practices termed Chinese, including architecture, art, "health" practices, magic, and martial arts. According to Qigong theory, Qi encompasses air and internal Qi, or true Qi, which includes essential Qi ("vital energy").

Q-wave MI

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