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   Located closest to the reference point. See distal.


A location farther from a point of reference. For example, the foot is distal to the knee, relative to the center of the body.


A person appointed to make decisions for someone else, as in a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (also called a surrogate or agent).


Photodynamic radiation therapy
A light sensitive drug is given through a vein and concentrates in the tumor. Then, during a surgical procedure, a special light activates the drug. The activated drug kills tumor cells.

Primary brain tumor
Original source of tumor is the brain rather than other areas of the body.

Undeveloped or in early stages of development, undifferentiated.

An outline of care; a treatment plan.

Fragments of genetic material (DNA), related to oncogenes, but are the normal "switches" used to control growth and tissue repair.


A physician trained in the nature, cause, process and effects of disease; examines samples of tissue removed during surgery to determine an exact diagnosis.

A physician trained in rehabilitative medicine.

Physical therapist
An individual trained to assist people in restoring muscle function.

Pronounced reduction in the number of erythrocytes, all types of white blood cells, and the blood platelets in the circulating blood.

The presence of parasites in the circulating blood; used especially with reference to malarial and other protozoan forms, and microfilariae.

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