Palindromic rheumatism
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  Palindromic rheumatism

Palindromic rheumatism

    A condition characterised by episodic articular or periarticular pain, often with redness. The pain may be intense but rarely lasts longer than 2 or 3 days and resolves totally afterwards with no sequelae. May ultimately evolve into a more recognisable arthropathy (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis in a proportion of those with rheumatoid factor).


The term "condition" has a number of biomedical meanings including the following: 1.An unhealthy state, such as in "this is a progressive condition." 2.A state of fitness, such as "getting into condition." 3.Something that is essential to the occurrence of something else; essentially a "precondition." 4.As a verb: to cause a change in something so that a response that was previously associated with a certain stimulus becomes associated with another stimulus; to condition a person, as in behavioral conditioning.

An unpleasant sensory or emotional experience primarily associated with tissue damage, or described in terms of tissue damage, or both.

Joint disorder - can be arthritis or any other kind of joint problem.

Inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and stiffness, and resulting from infection, trauma, degenerative changes, metabolic disturbances, or other causes. Arthritis occurs in various forms, such as the arthritis associated with infections, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Many forms of vasculitis can also be associated with arthritis.


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Literally 'seeing again'; Is a form of visual perseveration. It refers to reappearance of an image after some time when the original external stimulus is no longer available. Neural basis of palinopsia is unknown but many palinopsia patients have some right-hemisphere disturbances.


Pulp cap
A medicated covering over a small area of exposed pulp tissue.

Pulp chamber
The center or innermost portion of the tooth containing the pulp.

Complete removal of the pulp (commonly done in children's teeth).

Older term for periodontal (gum) disease.

Paget's disease
A disease characterised by accelerated bone turnover. The bone becomes enlarged, hyperaemic and fragile. ('Osteitis deformans')

Palindromic rheumatism

Palmoplantar pustulosis
May occur in SAPHO - see 'SAPHO'.

A vascular tissue which arises in a rheumatoid joint at the junction between articular cartilage, synovium and capsule. May adhere to joint surface and extend across it.

May cause an arthritis in adults (females mainly) and behaves like rubella. Causes erythema infectiosum (Fifth disease or 'slapped cheek syndrome') in children.

Occurs in Behcet's syndrome. Sterile pustule forms at the site of sterile needle puncture.

Refers to an arthropathy with involvement of 4 or fewer joints.

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