Object permanence
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  Object permanence

Object permanence

    A cognitive milestone, usually reached in the second or third year, when achild is able to understand that an object exists even when it's out ofview.


The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.


Object centered coordinate system
A structural description of an object independent of viewpoint.

Object relations
The emotional bonds between one person and another, as contrasted with interest in and love for the self; usually described in terms of capacity for loving and reacting appropriately to others. Melanie Klein is generally credited with founding the British object-relations school.

Objective measurement
A measurement that cannot be influenced by investigator bias; for example, blood glucose levels or ECG tracings.


Overflow incontinence
The leakage of small amounts of urine from a bladder that is always full.

Release of a mature egg from an ovary.

The developing female reproductive cells (the developing eggs) produced in the ovaries.

Oocyte nuclear transfer
Or germinal vesicle transfer. An assisted reproductive technique involving transfer of an egg nucleus (usually from a woman with age-related infertility or mitochondrial disease) into a healthy donor egg whose nucleus has been removed. This reconstituted egg can then be fertilized by a sperm in vitro. This technique may restore fertility to older women or to prevent the passing of mitochondrial disease to offspring.

Ooplasmic transfer
An assisted reproduction technique that essentially enhances the defective (egg cytoplasm) from the patient's egg with healthy cytoplasm from a donor egg. This "enhanced" egg can then be fertilized by a sperm in vitro. This procedure may restore fertility to older women.

Object permanence

A physician specializing in women's reproductive health, an OB-GYNtypically has three years of post-medical school training.

Surgical procedure where a boy's testes are removed due to failure to descend.

A procedure in which a boy's undescended testicles are surgically pulled from the abdomen down into the scrotum.

Inflammation of the testes in association with an infection, such as mumps.

Orthopedic disabilities
A physical condition which affects mobility and development of motor skills.

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