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  Object centered coordinate system

Object centered coordinate system

    A structural description of an object independent of viewpoint.


Object permanence
A cognitive milestone, usually reached in the second or third year, when achild is able to understand that an object exists even when it's out ofview.

Object relations
The emotional bonds between one person and another, as contrasted with interest in and love for the self; usually described in terms of capacity for loving and reacting appropriately to others. Melanie Klein is generally credited with founding the British object-relations school.

Objective measurement
A measurement that cannot be influenced by investigator bias; for example, blood glucose levels or ECG tracings.


A procedure in which a boy's undescended testicles are surgically pulled from the abdomen down into the scrotum.

Inflammation of the testes in association with an infection, such as mumps.

Orthopedic disabilities
A physical condition which affects mobility and development of motor skills.

Otitis media
The most common reason sick infants visit the doctor, otitis media (earinfection) is caused by bacteria breeding in excess fluid in the middle ear. Most ear infections begin during or shortly after an infant has a cold.

A physician who specializes in the treatment of the ears, nose, and throat.

Object centered coordinate system

Eye-Cup. A patch of light-sensitive receptor cells sunk into the skin present in some species.

Ocular dominance columns
The primary visual cortex (V1) is organized into alternating columns sensitive to input from the left and right eyes.

On-Center cells
Increase their activity when light increments are presented in their receptive files. Surrounded by an antagonistic region which responds with the opposite polarity. Both ganglion and bipolar cells are separated into two classes, on-center and off-center. The on-center cells have dendrites that branch in the inner portion of the inner plexiform layer. See also Off-Center Cells.

Off-Center cells
Decrease their activity when light increments are presented in their receptive fields. Surrounded by an antagonistic region which responds with the opposite polarity. Both ganglion and bipolar cells are separated into two classes, on-center and off-center. The off-center cells have dendrites that branch in the outer portion of the inner plexiform layer. See also On-Center Cells.

Protein portion of rhodopsin.

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