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    A general name for birthmarks.



A physician who specializes in the care of newborns.

Physician who specializes in ear and hearing problems affecting the acoustic nerve.

A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of thenervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and nerve centers.

Neuromuscular development
The development of the nervous and muscular systems.

Physician who specializes in surgery of the nervous system.


Newborn intrapartal care
Medical care for infants through labor and delivery.

Newborn jaundice
The yellowing of a newborn's skin, usually beginning on the second or thirdday after birth and lasting a week to ten days. Caused by the immaturity ofthe newborn's systems, jaundice is common, with more than half of newbornshaving the disorder.

One of the B vitamins, niacin is an essential vitamin that is especiallyimportant for digestion and appetite, as well as tissue and nerve cells.

Non-stress test
A test for abnormalities of the fetal heartbeat in which a monitor is used to listen to the fetus's heart while the mother is at rest. (In a stress test, the fetal heartbeat is monitored in response to uterine contractions.)

Time-released birth control, administered through 6 tiny tubes that are implanted in a woman's upper arm. It remains effective for up 5 years.

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