Mid-Columbia Medical Center
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  Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Mid-Columbia Medical Center

   Mid-Columbia Medical Center is a hospital in The Dalles, Oregon (USA).


Pertaining to Medicine.

Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute
The Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute is a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mid-Jefferson Hospital
Mid-Jefferson Hospital is a hospital in Nederland, Texas (USA).

Mid-North Regional Health Service
The Mid-North Regional Health Service is a hospital in South Australia, Australia.

Mid-Valley Hospital
The Mid-Valley Hospital is a hospital in Peckville, Pennsylvania, United States.


Midwest Regional Medical Center
Midwest Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Midwest City, Oklahoma (USA).

Muskogee Regional Medical Center
Muskogee Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA).

Mercy HealthCare
Mercy HealthCare is a hospital in Roseburg, Oregon (USA).

McKenzie-Willamette Hospital
McKenzie-Willamette Hospital is a hospital in Springfield, Oregon (USA).

Merle West Medical Center
Merle West Medical Center is a hospital in Klamath Falls, Oregon (USA).

Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Morrow County Health District
Morrow County Health District is a hospital in Heppner, Oregon (USA).

Magee Rehabilitation
Magee Rehabilitation is a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).

Magee-Women's Hospital
Magee-Women's Hospital is a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

Malvern Institute
Malvern Institute is a hospital in Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA).

Marian Community Hospital
Marian Community Hospital is a hospital in Carbondale, Pennsylvania (USA).

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