Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute
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  Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute

Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute

   The Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute is a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.


The hollow, muscular organ responsible for pumping blood through the circulatory system.

Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Mid-Columbia Medical Center
Mid-Columbia Medical Center is a hospital in The Dalles, Oregon (USA).

Mid-Jefferson Hospital
Mid-Jefferson Hospital is a hospital in Nederland, Texas (USA).

Mid-North Regional Health Service
The Mid-North Regional Health Service is a hospital in South Australia, Australia.

Mid-Valley Hospital
The Mid-Valley Hospital is a hospital in Peckville, Pennsylvania, United States.


Mountain View Pediatric Assoc
The Mountain View Pediatric Assoc is a hospital in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Memorial Eye Institute
The Memorial Eye Institute is a hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mercy Community Hospital
The Mercy Community Hospital is a hospital in Havertown, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mountain City Nursing and Rehabilitation
The Mountain City Nursing and Rehabilitation is a hospital in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States.

Monsour Medical Center
The Monsour Medical Center is a hospital in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute

Meadville Medical Center-Transitional Care Unit
The Meadville Medical Center-Transitional Care Unit is a hospital in Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mercer Family Medicine Center
The Mercer Family Medicine Center is a hospital in Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States.

Meyersdale Community Hospital
The Meyersdale Community Hospital is a hospital in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, United States.

Monongahela Valley Hospital
The Monongahela Valley Hospital is a hospital in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, United States.

Mount Pocono Care Center
The Mount Pocono Care Center is a hospital in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, United States.

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