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    An opening or passageway in the body, such as the urinary meatus.


An opening or passageway in the body, such as the urinary meatus.



The developmental process of differentiating and/or assimilating masculine features and characteristics.

Sadomasochistic vernacular term for the sadistic partner whose role is one of total domination and disciplinarian.

Sexuoerotic genital self-stimulation by pressure or touch, self-stimulation, usually though not necessarily climaxing in orgasm [from Latin, manus, hand + st[u]parare, to deflower, ravish, fornicate, or to engage in adultery, incest, or rape]. From its Latin derivation, the literal meaning of masturbation is to use the genitalia to ravish or rape the hand. etymologically, hand-rape, the manual practice of erotic self-stimulation, formerly stigmatized as a crime against nature. Today it is considered normal and healthy and is not limited to either the hands or the self. It includes digital stimulation of the genitalia of a partner as well as of oneself.

Masturbation fantasy
Cognitional rehearsal of erotically stimulating activity that accompanies, and may precede, an episode of masturbation. To the extent that the content of its imagery and ideation, like that of a sleeping dream, has a high degree of autonomy and individual specificity in its power to stimulate genital arousal, it is not voluntarily chosen or preferred. 2. Imagery of erotically stimulating content that accompanies, and may precede, an episode of masturbation. Like the imagery of a sleeping dream, its content has a high degree of autonomy and is not voluntarily chosen.

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuester syndrome


The arrangement or association of the elements or parts of anything in relation to the effect they generate; the combination of mental processes by which an effect is generated.

Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA)

Menage a trois
See troilism [French, household of three].

An endocrine cycle of 28 days in women which includes fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, the events of enodmetrial development, follicular maturation, ovulation, changes in cervical mucus secretion, breast vascularization changes, and if pregnancy does not occur, menstruation.

In women, the periodic (monthly) bloody discharge from the uterus and vagina approximately two weeks after ovulation.

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