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  Mary Free Bed

Mary Free Bed

   Mary Free Bed is a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).


Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


Mary Birch Hospital for Women
The Mary Birch Hospital for Women is a hospital in San Diego, California, United States.

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center
The Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center is a hospital in Tacoma, Washington, United States.

Mary Greeley Medical Center
Mary Greeley Medical Center is a hospital in Ames, Iowa (USA).

Mary Immaculate
Mary Immaculate is a hospital in Newport News, Virginia (USA).

Mary Immaculate Hospital
The Mary Immaculate Hospital is a hospital in Virginia, United States.

Mary Rutan Hospital
The Mary Rutan Hospital is a hospital in Bellefontaine, Ohio, United States.

Mary Washington Hospital
Mary Washington Hospital is a hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia (USA).

Maryam Memorial Hospital
The Maryam Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

Maryland bridge
A bridge that is bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth; requires minimum tooth reduction.

Sometimes a situation arises where a missing tooth is abutted by healthy teeth on each side. If an implant (See "Implants") is not being used to restore the missing tooth, then a more conservative, less expensive alternative treatment like the Maryland Bridge can be used. Unlike conventional fixed bridges, the Maryland Bridge does not require the use of crowns or extensive tooth preparation. The bridge is bonded (or attached) directly to the abutment teeth. A Maryland Bridge is not as strong as a conventional bridge or implants and may not last as long before needing replacement. See also "Fixed Bridge."

Maryland General Hospital
The Maryland General Hospital is a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Marymount Hospital
Marymount Hospital is a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

Marymount Medical Center
Marymount Medical Center is a hospital in London, Kentucky (USA).


Milford Whitinsville Regional Hospital
Milford Whitinsville Regional Hospital is a hospital in Milford, Massachusetts (USA).

Milton Hospital
Milton Hospital is a hospital in Milton, Massachusetts (USA).

Mount Auburn Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital is a hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

McLean Hospital
McLean Hospital is a hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts (USA).

Marquette General Hospital
Marquette General Hospital is a hospital in Marquette, Michigan (USA).

Mary Free Bed

Mclaren Regional Medical Center
Mclaren Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Flint, Michigan (USA).

Memorial Healthcare Center
Memorial Healthcare Center is a hospital in Owosso, Michigan (USA).

Mercy General Health Partners
Mercy General Health Partners is a hospital in Muskegon, Michigan (USA).

Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Mercy Hospital Cadillac is a hospital in Cadillac, Michigan (USA).

Mercy Hospital Port Huron
Mercy Hospital Port Huron is a hospital in Port Huron, Michigan (USA).

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