Marauding paraphilia
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  Marauding paraphilia

Marauding paraphilia

    One of a group of paraphilias characterized by triumph wrested developmentally from sexuoerotic tragedy by means of a strategy that incorporates sinful lust into the lovemap on the condition that it be stolen, abducted, or imposed by force, since it irrevocably defiles saintly love.


The sexual and the erotic experienced as a unity, with more emphasis on sexual behavior than erotic imagery.

Longing, eagerness, inclination, or sensuous desire; normal sexual desire, or sexual desire stigmatized as degrading passion.

A developmental representation or template synchronously in the mind and in the brain depicting the idealized lover, the idealized love affair, and the idealized program of sexuoerotic activity projected in imagery or actually engaged in with the lover.

The term "condition" has a number of biomedical meanings including the following: 1.An unhealthy state, such as in "this is a progressive condition." 2.A state of fitness, such as "getting into condition." 3.Something that is essential to the occurrence of something else; essentially a "precondition." 4.As a verb: to cause a change in something so that a response that was previously associated with a certain stimulus becomes associated with another stimulus; to condition a person, as in behavioral conditioning.


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Raiding; taking by force.


Soluble substances secreted by monocytes, which have a variety of effects on other cells.

A tumour of plasma cells, generally secreting a single species of immunoglobulin.

Male hermaphroditism
A generic term applied to several different syndromes of birth-defective ambiguity of the sex organs occurring in the 46,XY gonadal male. The defect is induced in fetal life by a deficiency of hormonal masculinization secondary to either the quantity or type of male hormone available, or to insensitivity of the tissues to male hormone.

Manic-depressive cyclicity
In manic-depressive illness, the repeated sequence of a period of being high (manic) followed by one of being low (depressive).

Raiding; taking by force.

Marauding paraphilia

A paraphilia of the sacrificial/expiatory type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent on being the recipient of abuse, torture, punishment, discipline, humiliation, obedience, and servitude [named after-Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, 1836-1895, Austrian author and masochist] The reciprocal paraphilic condition is sadism.

The paraphile fixated on the condition of being responsive to or dependent on being the recipient of punishment and humiliation in order to obtain erotic arousal and facilitate or achieve orgasm. As the partner of a sadist, a person may impersonate a masochist for commercial gain, within the limits set by the pain threshold.

The quality or state of being masculine.

Characteristic of, or attributed to the male sex.

Adjective describing a mannish or virilistic manner and bearing in a woman or girl stigmatized as an unwomanish lesbian.

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