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  M cones

M cones

    Medium wavelength sensitive cones (green). Are most sensitive to a wavelength of approximately 531nm. (See also L Cones and S Cones).



Motor skills
Motions carried out by the combination of the brain, nervous system, and muscles.

Mucus plug
A collection of mucus, often tinged with blood, that blocks the cervix during pregnancy; known as the "bloody show" when discharged prior to labor. The texture and amount of mucus discharged varies greatly from woman to woman.

Multiple birth
More than 1 baby delivered.

Multiple gestation
The term to used to describe more than one fetus in the womb, as in the case of twins, triplets, or other higher order multiples. With the use of fertility drugs, multiples have become more common.

Magnocellular layer
2 deep layers of the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus. Large neurons, termination sight of parasol ganglion cells.

M cones

Macula lutea
The cone rich area of the human eye that contains the fovea.

Magnocellular pathway
Pathway that begins with the parasol (magno) ganglion cells in the retina and terminates within the magnocellular layer of the LGN. Has a high contrast gain than Parvocellular

Black pigment in the pigment epithelium cells that absorbs light not captured by the retina preventing it from being reflected off the back of the eye.

Membranous discs
Located in outer segments of photoreceptors.

Intensities of light under which both rods and cones operate. See also Photopic and Scotopic

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