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   Tissue made up of bundles of long, slender cells that contract when stimulated.


Biological tissue is a group of cells that perform a similar function.The study of tissues is known as histology, or, in connection with disease, histopathology.The classical tools for studying the tissues are the wax block, the tissue stain, and the optical microscope, though developments in electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, and frozen sections have all added to the sum of knowledge in the last couple of decades.

A written, dated, and signed agreement between two or more involved parties that sets out any arrangements on delegation and distribution of tasks and obligations and, if appropriate, on financial matters. The protocol may serve as the basis of a contract.


Muscat doctors
All doctors near Muscat, Oman. Doctors who can assist a patient in Muscat.

Muscatine General Hospital
Muscatine General Hospital is a hospital in Muscatine,Iowa (USA).

Muscular dystrophy
An inherited condition that is due to a gene on the X chromosome. It is therefore called a sex-linked gene. It results in the inability to produce a vital muscle chemical resulting in muscle wastage, stumbling, then inability to walk and death by the age of about 20.

Relating to or involving the muscles and the skeleton.


1. A fleshy, pigmented skin blemish. 2. A mass of uterine tissue formed by a failure of the normal fertilization process during conception.

Molluscum contagiosum
A viral infection of the skin characterized by lesions with depressed centers containing a curd-like substance.

A condition present at birth characterized by mental deficiency, a broad face and slanting eyes. Also called Down syndrome.

1. Pathologic or abnormal. 2. Having to do with, or characterized by, disease.

The membrane covering canals and cavities that open on the outside of the body, such as the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract. Also called mucous membrane.


An inability or unwillingness to speak.

Muscle pain.

Myasthenia gravis
A chronic disease characterized by muscular weakness and fatigue.

Inflammation of the heart muscle.

A tumor of muscle cells.

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