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   Master of Social Work.


Sadomasochistic vernacular term for the sadistic partner whose role is one of total domination and disciplinarian.

worker An individual, usually with a university degree in social work, who provides counsel and aid to individuals with emotional and family problems.



Monitoring report
A written report from the monitor to the investigators after each site visit and/or other trial-related communication according to the relevant SOPS.

Statistics on deaths within a population based on official death certificates, usually showing numbers of deaths by age, sex and cause.

Multicentre trial
A clinical trial conducted according to a single protocol but at more than one site, and therefore, carried out by more than one investigator.

Master of Fine Arts.

Mono-diet (monophagic diet)
Any regimen characterized by|(a) restriction of food intake to one specific kind of food, or (b) restriction of each meal to one specific kind of food (e.g., porridge alone for breakfast, fruits alone for lunch, and meat alone for dinner).


Abnormally large; in diabetes, refers to abnormally large babies that may be born to women with diabetes.

Macrovascular Disease
A disease of the large blood vessels that sometimes occurs when a person has had diabetes for a long time. Fat and blood clots build up in the large blood vessels and stick to the vessel walls. Three kinds of macrovascular disease are coronary disease, cerebrovascular disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

Macular Edema
A swelling (edema) in the macula, an area near the center of the retina of the eye that is responsible for fine or reading vision. Macular edema is a common complication associated with diabetic retinopathy.|See also: Diabetic retinopathy; retina.

Maturity-Onset Diabetes
Former term for Type 2 (noninsulin-dependent) diabetes.|See: Type 2 Diabetes.

Mauriac Syndrome
A condition that occurs as the result of chronic poor control of diabetes. It leads to an enlarged liver due to excessive glycogen deposition, short stature and delayed puberty. There is usually a history of repeated hospitalizations for ketoacidosis and hemoglobin A1c tests can be as high as twice the upper level of normal. Kidney function is usually not affected although it may be an additional complication of poor control. Eating disorders are sometimes an accompaniment.

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