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  Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia

    Partial or complete elimination of pain sensation, in the immediate vicinity of its application or injection.


An unpleasant sensory or emotional experience primarily associated with tissue damage, or described in terms of tissue damage, or both.


In the area of the tumor; confined to one specific area.


Lewy body
A pink-staining sphere, found in the bodies of dying cells, that is considered to be a marker for Parkinson's disease.

An exaggeration of the forward curve of the lower part of the back, sometimes called sway-back.

Thin plastic or porcelain veneer produced in a dental laboratory and then bonded to a tooth.

Laughing gas
Nitrous oxide; odorless inhalation agent that produces relative analgesic (sedation); reduces anxiety and creates a state of relaxation.

Injury of bodily tissue due to infection, trauma or neoplasm

Local anesthesia

Operation to remove prolapsed disc - involves removal of part of a vertebra.

Lasegue sign
Pain in the back of the leg on flexing a patient's hip and knee and then extending the knee while the hip is flexed. Results from dural irritation, usually by a prolapsed disc.

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
Results from congenital deficiency of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) - resulting in hyperuricaemia. Causes gout (even in a baby), mental retardation and choreoathetosis.

Letterer-Siwe Disease
A form of Histiocytosis-X

White blood cell.

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